​​Getting Started

  • Schedule Initial On-Site Meeting - Up to 2 hours to view site, discuss objectives, take notes, and agree on next steps $250 Fee.  A written report will be sent via email within one week of the initial meeting.
  • Prepare Scope Document and Contract for Conceptual Design - Rough conceptual design and contract for scope of Full Conceptual Design and Plant List (1-3 hours) @ $75/hr.
  • Create Conceptual Design - Bird's eye view of walls, paths, patios, planting areas, etc., including electronic (.pdf or .jpg) copy of design (8-20 hours) @ $100/hr.
  • Update Contract to include Additional Services (outlined below) - Based on customer-determined needs, deliver new contract stipulating services to be provided (2-4 hours) @ $75/hr.

Next Steps

  • Develop Project Plan - Document phases and dependencies (2-6 hours) @ $75/hr.
  • Determine Costs - For each phase, outline alternatives and range of estimated costs (4-8 hours) @ $75/hr.
  • Schedule Contractor Bids - Vet potential contractors, schedule and obtain competitive bids (4-20 hours) @ $50/hr.
  • Compile Bid Results - Provide comparison of contractor bids with recommendations (2-10 hours) @ $75/hr.

Project Management (All services charged at same rate of $75/hr.)

  • Schedule Contractor Work - Act as customer representative to ensure adherence to plan.
  • Manage Budget - Track costs, provide regular updates, and advise customer of any issues or concerns.
  • Develop Contingency Plans - As needed, rearrange work or modify plan to keep project on schedule and within budget.
  • ​Coordinate Transitions - Ensure a smooth transition between phases and contractors.

​Services I Can Provide - you decide what you need.

Note that estimates of hours are guidelines only.  Actual hours will vary, based on the size and complexity of the project.

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